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We Deliver Anywhere in the United States

1000+ Trucks in 120 Cities

Convert your container into an office, home or resturant

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We offer world wide delivery on containers customization

6000+ Containers in 20 Ports

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Based in Texas, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CW (Cargo Worthy) : This term indicates that the container is in a condition suitable for cargo transport. It meets the required standards for structural integrity and weatherproofing to safely carry goods
  • WWT (Wind and Watertight) : This designation means the container is both windproof and waterproof, ensuring that the contents are protected from external elements. It may not meet the structural standards for shipping but is suitable for storage or other uses.
  • One-Trip/New : A “one-trip” container is essentially brand new, having been used only once to transport goods. These containers are usually in excellent condition, free from significant wear and tear, and often chosen for modification projects due to their like-new state.

For standard container deliveries, you will be told an estimated lead time when you place your order. If the container is being modified, this will extend the lead time for delivery.

With nationwide delivery available, the transportation and offloading of units is undertaken by one of our trusted haulier partners.

You must ensure that the land prepared for the containers to be offloaded, with solid foundations in place for siting. A firm, level ground is hugely important because if the ground is uneven there is a chance of the container doors being extremely difficult to open and close.

Yes, shipping containers can be modified to meet various needs. Common modifications include adding doors, windows, ventilation, insulation, electrical systems, and even plumbing. These modifications can transform a standard shipping container into an office, living space, storage unit, or other customized structure.

Transporting a shipping container from our depot usually costs between $4.00 and $6.00 per loaded mile.

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